Zedlitz Auto
Zedlitz logo

Company Type Sports car manufacturer
Founded 1949
Ended 1966
Produced 950

Zedlitz Auto was a Brunanter sports car company. It was founded in 1949 by Johan Zedlitz (the descendant of a Founding father). An enthusiastic racecar driver, he and his team hand-built small and relatively cheap sports cars. Rising costs soon forced the price of a Zedlitz to about £2500-3000, which was out of reach for most buyers. Zedlitz died in 1966 and the company ended production after 950 cars were produced.

Zedlitz's are among the most desirable postwar Brunanter cars, with many being sold at auction for over €20,000.


  • Zedlitz Coupe & Roadster (1949-1953): a small sports car of which 84 were built.
  • GT250 (1953-1957):
  • GT300 (1957):
  • GT500 (1957-1964):
  • GT450 (1959-1966): a small and lightweight sports car priced at £2700 (1960).

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