Ruins at Zatram

The ruins at Zatram.

Zatram was a settlement in Cape Cross Parish located 20 miles from Brezonde. Since the 1970s, it has been an important tourist attraction.


The town was settled around the year 1000 (experts place it anywhere from 1000-1020). Zatram's heyday was around 1300, when they had about 500 people living there. They had a church, a small mosque and several public buildings. In 1427 the Venetians attempted to expel the Muslims in the town, but when their Christian neighbors sided with them, the Venetians responded by sending 300 soldiers to rectify the situation. They burnt the town and killed every man in sight, as well as scores of unarmed women and children. With most of their houses in ruin, the townspeople abandoned it and moved elsewhere, most to Brezonde. This massacre became the spark for the War of Independence. The historic Zatram Bible was found here.


Zatram is accessible from Brezonde or Cape Cross. Only local roads reach it, so it takes about half an hour by car from Brezonde.

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