Wine in Brunant has been produced for over 400 years. It is consumed in Europe, North America and various other countries. The largest producing region is the Chester Valley, located in Chester and Sint-Anders Parishes. In Brunant, the majority of imported wine is French, Spanish or Italian in origin.


Winemaking in the Brunant dates back to the 1500s when several settlers planted Moscatel de Alejandria and later Listan grapes from Portugal and Spain. The Chester Valley quickly became the major wine producer in the country, due to its terrain and climate. Commercial wine began in the 1620s with Philip Spock and now a majority of wine is commercialized.

Brunanter wines achieved renown in the 19th century, in particularly those from the Chester Valley, and Brunanter wine began to be exported in the early 20th century.



Dark Printanier grapes


Moscatel is a type of of wine made from Muscat grapes. This makes up 70% of wine production in the country and is entirely focused in the Chester Valley region. It is often fortified and made sweeter as dessert or after-dinner wines. 


Listan is a wine variety made from Listán Negro grapes. Making up 11% of Brunant's wine output, it is often used as a fine wine to accompany meals.


Monastrel is a Brunanter wine grown in the Central ranges, being made from Monastrell grapes, planted from Spain in the 18th and 19th centuries.


Printanier is a hardy red grape variety used to make Printanier wine. It is generally used to make cheaper table wines. Traditionally grown in the Chester Valley, it was introduced to Cape Cross' heights in the 1950s and is the only wine variety grown outside of Hogeberg Island and Mariaberg Parish.


Chester ValleyEdit

The Chester Valley is the heart of Brunanter winemaking, likened to California's Napa Valley. The valley is split into seven distinct sub-regions, in the upper and lower Chester. 72 percent of Brunanter wine was produced in the Chester Valley.

Central RangesEdit

The Central Ranges is known for the growth of Monastrel grapes on the southern slopes, accounting for 22% of Brunanter production. There are two Designations of Origin in the region.

Coastal HeightsEdit

The Coastal heights is the smallest of Brunant's winemaking regions. There are only three wineries, all of which are located on hillsides. Production here is small and only accounts for six percent of total output nationally. It is mainly focused on cheap table Printanier wine.


The term Designation of Origin (DO) is used in determining wines specific to regions. The six main Designations are the Ambrosian Hills, Central Chester, Grunbeck, Kleinebeek, Lower Chester and Secret Lakes region. Wines belonging to any DO must be produced in a regional manner and must be made entirely with wine from the region. Wines not meeting all the requirements, or wines that are "Valley Blends" do not bead the DO label on their bottles.


The majority of wineries are located in the Chester Valley. The largest ones are Sandler's (5300 cases), Moscatel Montrose (4680 cases) and Round Tree Estates (4000 cases)[1]. There are other smaller "garage wineries" that produce small amounts of high-quality wine. A famous one is Anselme Wines, which is based on a 1.5 acre plot.

List of wineries in BrunantEdit

Winery Region Subregion Production[2] Moscatel Listan Printanier Monastrel
Amaranto Cape Cross Coastal Heights 1300
Anamaria Mariaberg Parish Wittedal 1040
Anselme Wines Sint-Anders Ambrosian Hills, LC 150
Ayers Wine Sint-Anders Central Chester 5490
Black Comet Sint-Anders Central Chester 1725
Blue Caves Vineyard Sint-Anders Secret Lakes 2025
Castelbraque Chester Grunbeck 1600
Cat's Pajamas Mariaberg Parish Wittedal 1930
Cavendish Mariaberg Parish Wittedal 1135
Château Pinsky Sint-Anders Ambrosian Hills, LC 350
Campdegall Winery Cape Cross Coastal Heights 1520
Duivelstoren Chester Grunbeck 2900
Finland Groves Estate Chester Central Chester 1889
Fonda Winery Chester Upper Chester 1020
Gamble Wines Sint-Anders Central Chester 585
Grand Dame Cape Cross Coastal Heights 1070
Hamilton Estates Chester Kleinebeek, CC 1000
House Boustani Mariaberg Parish Berganz 1020
King of Brunant Chester Grijzestad 3250
Morels Sint-Anders Ambrosian Hills, LC 4130
Moscatel Montrose Sint-Anders Central Chester 10140
Oudeklooster Chester Grunbeck 1290
Philip Spock Chester Kleinebeek, CC 750
Rosters Chester Upper Chester 820
Round Tree Estates Chester Kleinebeek, CC 8840
Sandler's Chester Grunbeck 13500
Secret Lakes Estate Sint-Anders Secret Lakes 1540
Sundance Estates Sint-Anders Lower Chester 3400
Traveling Caravan Sint-Anders Lower Chester 3220
Valentine Estate Sint-Anders Ambrosian Hills, LC 286
Vallet Mariaberg Parish Wittedal 1860

Wine RankingsEdit

Every year, wine tasters and experts from Europe and Brunant come to the Chester Valley Winefest to rate the year's wines. Wines are ranked out of 100 points. The highest ranked wine ever was a Château Pinsky Moscatel Fort 1991.



  1. Production figures are for 2011
  2. Listed is the production for 2012, in number of cases
Wine in Brunant
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