Wilhelmus Veldsteen's self-portrait

Wilhelmus Veldsteen's self-portrait

Wilhelmus Veldsteen (c.1455 in Donderstad - 1504 in Grijzestad) was a famous Brunanter painter of the Renaissance era. Not much is known about Veldsteen's life. To date, only a few of his pieces are preserved.

Well-known politician Wilhelm Gent claims he descends from Wilhelmus Veldsteen through his mother's family.


Veldsteen was born in Donderstad some time between 1455 and 1459. He grew up at 7 Venice Street, which is the oldest continually inhabited building in Brunant. Young Wilhelmus learned to paint from a local painter and was soon known for his fine art. From 1489-1493, he focused on painting his materpiece, The Convention of Grijzestad, a 91" by 62.5" paint showing the convention's signing.

Veldsteen occupied himself with painting of everyday events. From 1499-1501, he lived in the Netherlands and Veldsteen might even have spent some time in Bologna, Italy. In 2005, a French art expert recognized his style in a painting. It was determined the portrait was painted by Wilhelmus Veldsteen.

Selected worksEdit

Date Title Current location Picture
1489-1493 The Convention of Grijzestad National Museum of Art
1494 Self-portrait National Museum of Art
Wilhelmus Veldsteen's self-portrait
c.1496 Writing a Letter Gemäldegalerie
Writing a Letter
1501 Woman with a Lute Kunsthistorisches Museum
Woman with a Lute
(probably 1501)
The Noble Soldier Private collection
The noble soldier

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