Wilhelmus Veldsteen's self-portrait

Wilhelmus Veldsteen's self-portrait

Wilhelmus Veldsteen (c.1455 in Donderstad - 1504 in Grijzestad) was a famous Brunanter painter of the Renaissance era. Not much is known about Veldsteen's life. To date, only a few of his pieces are preserved.

Well-known politician Wilhelm Gent claims he descends from Wilhelmus Veldsteen through his mother's family.


Veldsteen was born in Donderstad some time between 1455 and 1459. His family originated in Hasselt, via southern Libertas. He grew up at 7 Venice Street, which is the oldest continually inhabited building in Brunant. Young Wilhelmus learned to paint from a local painter and was soon known for his fine art. From 1489-1493, he focused on painting his materpiece, The Convention of Grijzestad, a 91" by 62.5" paint showing the convention's signing.

Veldsteen occupied himself with painting of everyday events. From 1499-1501, he lived in the Netherlands and Veldsteen might even have spent some time in Bologna, Italy. In 2005, a French art expert recognized his style in a painting. It was determined the portrait was painted by Wilhelmus Veldsteen.

Selected worksEdit

Date Title Current location Picture
1489-1493 The Convention of Grijzestad National Museum of Art
1494 Self-portrait National Museum of Art
Wilhelmus Veldsteen's self-portrait
c.1496 Writing a Letter Gemäldegalerie
Writing a Letter
1501 Woman with a Lute Kunsthistorisches Museum
Woman with a Lute
(probably 1501)
The Noble Soldier Private collection
The noble soldier

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