Wilhelm Gent (born 8 October 1935) is a well-known Brunanter politician, leading the Brunanter People's Party since 2010.

Biography Edit

Gent was born on a farm near Berganz in Central Parish to Pieter Gent and Martha Veldsteen. He claims he is a descendant of Wilhelmus Veldsteen. Wilhelm joined the Liberal Party in 1956 and participated in the 1957 general election as a candidate for a seat in the House of Representatives. Winning that year, he would be re-elected until 1985, becoming the longest-serving Brunanter representative at the moment (28 years). Gent ran for the Senate in 1985, where he handily defeated his opponent. In 1989, he won, but with a lesser margin and in 1993, he failed to get elected. He took a back seat in politics and moved to Donderstad. In 2003, he made the intent that he would return to politics. In the 2005 general election, he was elected to the House as an FLP member and re-elected in 2009, but announced in November 2010 that he left the FLP. He founded the Brunanter People's Party that year and became its first chairman. He did not seek re-election in 2013.

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