The White Party‏‎ was a Catholic and conservative political party in Brunant. The White Party was formed from the conservative faction in Congress in the 1850s, formally established as a political party in 1881, but existing as a semi-formal coalition from 1856.


The White Party dominated Brunanter politics until well into the 1950s alongside the former Liberal Party. Nine different Presidents and Prime Minister belonged to the White Party, the last being Eugen Sherman in 1975-1978.

The party experienced a decline in voter support after World War II, especially with the founding of the Christian Democratic Union in 1948. They held their last major post, President, under Eugen Sherman in the mid-1970s, but a corruption scandal known as the Champagne affair led to him resigning and the party folding. By then, many of its members had joined the CDU and many later joined the Free Liberal Party, a by then more right-wing successor to the Liberal Party.

Notable membersEdit