Walter van der Ecke
W. van der ecke
3rd President of Brunant
Term 1809-1838
Predecessor David James Carrington
Successor Hendrik Neyt

Walter Friedrich Adrianus van der Ecke (1759-1838) was a Brunanter politician and the third President (first outside of the Carrington family).

Van der Ecke was married to Virginia Wales from 1788 up till her death in 1828.


Early lifeEdit

Walter Friedrich Adrianus van der Ecke was born on 22 March, 1759 to Adrianus Maria van der Ecke (1733-1796) and Sophie Trochowski. He was born into the noble Van der Ecke family (also spelled Vandreck) who had been important during Brunant's independence.

Military and diplomatic careersEdit

Coming from a noble background, he joined the military and was soon a commander of the land forces. Walter became a capable politician and diplomat who was Ambassador to France from 1798-1802, under the elder Carrington's regime. When David James Carrington became president (upon his father's death) he had Walter recalled to to his "anti-French tendency's" that would "put an unbarable strain" on their relations. Van der Ecke soon became a major opponent of the younger Carrington; being a influential politician he was able to sideline David James and by 1809 he was removed as President.

Presidency and later lifeEdit

King Ambroos I was quick to appoint him PM. During his term, he declared war on France (the Napoleonic Wars) but only sent troops to the continent in 1814 and 1815. This highly controversial move (engaging in a war that was not their business) met opposition from liberals and many conservatives. When the coalition forces (and Brunant) emerged victorious, he was hailed as a great hero and opposition to the war was virtually gone. When Ambroos died and Cristian I became king in 1923, he decided to keep the aging president in his post. By the early 1830s van der Ecke delegated many of his duties to his aides, as he became increasingly unable to perform his duties due to old age. He died in office in 1838 and was given a state funeral, with the procession going across the Marten Bridge to Koningstad.

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