National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
Villa Fulvia
Location Central Parish
Type Historical
Selected 1986
Villa fulvia

Villa Fulvia ruins

Villa Fulvia is the site of an ancient Roman settlement, located nearby the Brunanter capital, Koningstad. It is located in Central Parish and is a National Monument.


VIlla Fulvia was started in 276 by Roman settlers. It was a small town, with many small houses, and a large government building in the town center. Around 380, the settlement was abandoned by the Romans and largely forgotten. It is possible that a large storm destroyed the settlement or a winter frost destroyed the crops.

During one of Adrianus Graf's hunting expeditions in 1556, he came across the Roman settlement. He built himself a villa near the ruins and soon, it became the place to live for the wealthy merchants and noblemen. This was to become the city of Koningstad.

National MonumentEdit

In 1923, Villa Fulvia was declared a National Monument by the Department of Parks and Monuments. It is one of the major tourist attractions of the island.