Victor Janowicz

Victor François Janowicz (1 October 1733 - 25 January 1801) was a Franco-Polish engineer and architect, famous for having laid out the plan for modern Koningstad, Brunant.


Janowicz was born in Poland, but came to France in the 1750s. There, he became an architect and engineer. In 1783, he was hired by the Brunanter government to begin laying out a plan for Koningstad. He died in 1801 before his plans were finished. Janowicz Place, in the Business District, is named after him which is the tallest building in Brunant. The Victor Janowicz Station is also named after the Polish architect.

Federoque architureEdit

"Federoque" is the informal name given to Janowicz's style for Koningstad's master plan. It was a combination of the Federal/Neo-Grec style, using the pillars and dome, combined with the color and detail of Baroque architecture. This can be seen in the design of the St. Sebastian's Cathedral, which he worked on from 1787-1790.

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