Van Draak Family

Karl Van Draak (1633-1709)
Princess Beatrice Marie
King Marten I
Princess Alexandra
Prince Karl
Princess Angela
Marten I (1665-1744)
King Pieter I
Princess Catherine
Pieter I (1701-1787)
Princess Brigitta
Princess Alexandra
King Adrian II
Adrian II (1733-1807)
King Ambroos I
Princess Silvia
Princess Cornelia
Princess Elisabeth
Prince Martinus
Ambroos I (1762-1823)
Princess Cristina Maria
Princess Augustina
Princess Helena
Princess Victoria
King Cristian I
Princess Louisa
Princess Maria
Prince Johan Alexander
Princess Juliana
Cristian I (1787-1859)
Princess Helena
King Johan I
Prince Fabian
Prince Ferdianand
Princess Gisela
Johan I (1827-1894)
King Pieter II
Prince Eugen
Princess Liese
Pieter II (1860-1913)
King Johan II
Princess Caroline
Prince Louis
Prince Hendrik
Johan II (1881-1867)
King Marten II
Princess Isabella
Prince Jan
Marten II (1923-2011)
Prince Anthony
Princess Marie
Prince Wilhelm
Anthony I (born 1951)
Prince Alexander
Princess Helene
Prince Nicholas
Helene (b. 1990)
Princess Marianne

The family Van Draak is a Brunanter family and one of the oldest and noblest in the country. Since 1663, the family has been the Royal Family when Karl Van Draak became King. Currently, the family's most prominent member is Queen Helene

History Edit

Early history Edit

The Van Draak family is descended from Karl Van Draak. Born the grandson of the Duke of Escalona, he adopted a Dutch name to appeal to the people. He was the grandson of King Adrian I (of the Van Damme Family) through his mother, thus all Van Draak family members are directly descended from other previous Brunanter Kings. The family was of patrilineal Spanish descent and of mixed descent via his mother's ancestors.

Technically, the family Van Draak (at least in the male line) has been extinct since 1787 with the death of Pieter I. He had two daughters, one of whom married but was unable to inherit the throne (due to salic law). Furthermore, Prince Karl of Brunant, the only other prince (Karl Van Draak's son) had no issue. Thus, subsequent monarchs have been descended from Marten I's daughter and her husband; Maximilian Sobieski.

Succession crisis Edit

Following Pieter's deposition in 1784 by James Carrington, he still asserted his claim to the Brunanter throne while in exile. Following his death there was little opposition of having Adrian, a male in power over his female cousins. But, Pieter's daughters continued carrying their father's claim. In 1925, the last descendant of Princess Brigitta died, and with him the last surviving heir of Pieter I.

Other branchesEdit

The Van Draak family also has an important presence in Libertas. The eventual succession of Prince Martin of Brunant, youngest son of King Adrian II and King of Libertas led to four Between four Kings of Libertas from 1799 and 1859, and the creation of a large and important junior branch.

The current King of Libertas, Hendrik, is descended maternally from the last Van Draak monarch. There are also other branches of the family in libertas, namely the Counts of Alleburg and Barons Van Draak.

Between 1751 and 1808, the ruling family of Cettatie was the house of Van Draak, with Charles I and later Jean I succeeding as king, both grandsons of Karl van Draak, who at one point tried claiming Brunant's throne.

Members Edit

Members of the family Van Draak are considered by law to be "any male descendant of a King or Queen of Brunant, as well as any female child of said monarchs or princes." Presently, the only existing branches of the family Van Draak include male descendants of Cristian I and Prince Johan Alexander, both sons of Ambroos I. Women do not generally pass on the name to their children, unless they are the reigning monarch.

By law, only the Royal Family, relatives and descendants may use that name. It is a quite uncommon name as it was coined by Karl Van Draak, though you may find Van Draaks abroad in countries such as Lovia , Germany, Belgium, Libertas and the United States.

Van Draaks are also notable for being monarchs in all wikinational kingdoms but Lovia. In Libertas, Martinus, son of King Adrian II was elected King and in Strasland Princess Maria, daughter of Ambroos I was elected queen in 1848. Furthermore in Cettatie, Prince Karl, son of Karl van Draak, was the consort of Queen Helène Vintimille and Princess Gisela, daughter of Cristian I was consort of King Joseph.

Family tree since 1711 Edit

  • Prince Max (1684-1766) x Princess Catherine (1692-1757)
    • Alexandra Augustina Sobieski (1712-1779) x Florentin Alexander Neyt (1701-1789)
      • Catherina Neyt (1731-1734)
      • Alexander Neyt (1732-1732)
      • Alexandra Neyt (1735-1735)
      • Alexander II Neyt (1739-1948)
      • Serena Neyt (1745-1792) x Jacobus van Amsterdam (1737-1790)
    • Maria Kazimiere Sobieski (1713-1755) x Prince Jan of Poland (1709-1770)
    • unknown girl (1714-1714)
    • Martinus Sobieski (1715-1722)
    • Jan Sobieski (1715-1727)
    • Antonia Sobieski (1917-1733)
    • Stefan Sobieski (1724-1725)
    • King Adrian II (1733-1807) x Queen Henrietta Marie (1736-1767)
      • King Ambroos I (1762-1823) x Queen Caroline (1762-1828)
        • Princess Cristina Maria (1782-1805) x Ernest Augustus I of Hanover (1771-1851)
        • Princess Augustina (1782-1833) x Charles Handley (1780-1820)
          • Joseph Handley (1814-1843) x Amelia of Laesburg (1819-1866)
          • Louis Handley (1817-1823)
          • Marta Handley (1819-1867) x Frederick Coningham 
        • Princess Helena (1784-1821) x King Martinus (1772-1821)
        • Princess Victoria (1786-1838) x David James Carrington (1772-1821)
          • Charles Carrington (1809-1811)
          • Elizabeth Carrington (1810-1851) x Prince Henri of Sweden (1811-1899)
          • Clarissa Carrington (1812-1878) x Thomas Crawford (1803-1880)
          • Edward James Carrington (1812-1865) x Princess Anna of Libertas (1822-1909)
          • Matilda Carrington (1814-1814)
          • Peter Carrington (1816-1821)
          • Eugenia Carrington (1819-1886) x Paul de Jonk van Vlaanderen (1817-1846)
          • Martha Carrington (1823-1837)
        • King Cristian I (1787-1859) x Queen Maria Francesca (1795-1869)
        • Princess Louisa (1790-1884) x Thomas Van Neyt (1784-1846)
          • Nicolas Van Neyt (1813-1862)
          • Johanna Van Neyt (1815-1871)
          • Clarissa Van Neyt (1816-1910)
          • Margaret Van Neyt (1819-1821)
        • Princess Maria (1792-1863) x Gustaf Valdermarsen (1787-1861)
        • Prince Johan Alexander (1794-1855) x Maria Wilhelmina of Schölzebruck-Alzey (1801-1851)
          • Prince Alexander (1822-1884)
          • Princess Amelia (1823-1898) x Adolphe Reiber (1820-1906)
          • Princess Christiana (1824-1895) x Antonius van der Holt (1828-1916)
        • Princess Juliana (1795-1870) x Alexander von Krupski (1795-1868)
          • Johannes von Krupski (1829-1904) x Henrietta Williams (1835-1927)
          • Gisela von Krupski (1830-1854)
          • Maria von Krupski (1832-1994)
      • Princess Silvia (1764-1826) x Paul von Lindberg (1760-1787)
        • Oswald von Lindberg (1786-1870) x Amelia of Prussia (1798-1818)
          • Catherine von Lindberg (1815-1900) x Antoine de Lavoy (1807-1892)
          • Juliette von Lindberg (1818-1840) x Johannes Witt (1816-1840)
        • Andrea von Lindberg (1790-1858) x Rubeus of Wikistad (1784-1824)
      • Princess Cornelia (1765-1830) x Louis Mathers (1763-1828)
        • Gilbert Mathers (1793-1844) x Andrea Simons (1800-1835)
        • Frederic Mathers (1797-1868)
        • Pierre Mathers (1799-1871)
      • Princess Elisabeth (1767-1825) x Ludovic of Stasbourg (1745-1799)
      • King Martinus (1772-1821) x Princess Helena (1784-1821)