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Karl Van Draak International Airport (KVD) is a former international airport in Brunant near Cape Cross. It is located approximately nine kilometers southeast of the city center of Cape Cross, and about one hundred kilometers from the capital, Koningstad. It was named after the first semi-democratic monarch. Since Koningstad International Airport opened, the airport has began transferring many of its flights to Koningstad. However, the airport may remain in service with fewer flights. On January 2, 2012, Van Draak officials announced that the airport would be downgraded into a domestic airport on March 1, 2012--the same date that Koningstad International would begin service to its last set of international flights. On June 1, 2012, due to popular protests and lobbying by airlines, officials said a few flights from Europe would resume service, although most flights would remain solely in Koningstad.

History Edit

By the 1950s, air travel was the way to go. Brunant only had a port, so an airport was necessary, Since Cape Cross already had an airbase (built by the Germans in 1943) it was decided to expand it. Construction began in 1957 and the airport was fully finished by 1961. Nationale Luchtwegen and RIAL were the first airlines to fly from here, and RIAL was the first with a jet-airplane service, in 1965. During the Cold War, Cape Cross Airbase was also home to a squadron of USAF fighter jets, housed from 1965 and removed in 1988. There is also a small airplane museum there. Most of the operations moved to Koningstad International Airport in early 2012, therefore relieving much of the air traffic to the city. Most foreign operators still want to operate here, citing it is "good enough for our passengers" and "it's always been home sweet home". On June 1, 2012, some flights from Europe resumed service due to popular demand.

Airlines Edit

Terminal 1; the largest terminal, which was built in 1958. Terminal 2 has become an airport simulation area.

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