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Unie spaarbank

Unie Spaarbank is a savings bank in Brunant. USB is one of the four major banks in the country and is headed by John Darling as president.


USB was founded in 1871 as "De Boeren en Arbeiders Unie Spaarbank"- the Farmers and Workers Union Savings Bank. It was a bank aimed at helping poorer people, especially farmers and those working in industry. USB expanded beyond the Koningstad region in the 1900s and was present throughout Cape Cross by 1920 and the rest of the country after 1950.

Unlike localized savings banks in Brunant, USB does earn some profit as a business but the majority of it's earnings go to support charity organizations and programs in both Brunant and abroad. USB has been rated to have the best client service in the country and is thus a high-rated bank on KCVD's Bank Standard.

Sports sponsoringEdit

USB has been a sponsor of sports teams and events, such as the USB Brunant Open for tennis (since 1999), Team USB in cycling and Grijzestad B.C.





  • 12 Belfort Street, Old Town


  • 1 Brunantstraat, Old Town