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UR members

The Underground Revolution (UR) was a secret organization founded after the German Invasion of Brunant in 1941. It was created as a resistance movement, sabotaging German troop convoys, destroying their planes in Cape Cross and capturing Nazi collaborators. It was based in Grijzestad, though they were active in most areas of the country.


Sabotage workEdit


Sixteen resistance members await execution near Chester

Perhaps the most important activity of UR was the sabotage work against military installations, infrastructure and materials convoys. Stealing dynamite from the Germans eventually took preference over handcrafting explosives. The Gestapo offices were a favorite target of saboteurs.

The British SOE also tried to parachute a few tons of explosives to its agents in Brunant, but without much success.

Underground railroadEdit

The "Underground Railroad" (based on the Civil War one) was a special UR programm where Brunanter and Allied soldiers were secretly smuggled out of the country and sent to Egypt or Gibraltar. Between 1941 and 1944, about 100 Brunanter and 15 British/Canadian militarymen were hidden across the country from the Nazis, and nearly 40 were smuggled out.


Guerilla warfare wasn't widespread, due to arms shortage. Tomas Abascar was the leader of a Barzuna group that assassinated several Nazis and collaborators, including puppet leader Cristian Everard, before they were all executed in 1943.

In 1942 a small intelligence network was set up. Its members (such as Paula Schmitz) collected information of military value, such as German fortifications or Wehrmacht deployments. But anyone caught would face serious repercussion including torture or death.

UR in popular cultureEdit

UR movement inspired movies such as Grijzestad and The Network, as well as the Resistance TV series.

Notable membersEdit

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