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Coat of Arms of Aurora

The Treaty of Union is an agreement between the Kingdom of Brunant and the Principality of Roseland that led to the union of the two countries. It entered into force on 18 August 2011. Initially, the parish would be named Aurora Parish instead of Roseland Parish, but this never happened. The treaty also indicates the transfer of power to the President of Brunant, but this function was abolished in 2014. These provisions in the treaty were changed, replacing the President with the Prime Minister.


  • The Principality of Roseland will surrender its full sovereignty to Brunant and adopt the Constitution of Brunant as its new supreme legal authority.
  • The King of Brunant will become the official head of state of Roseland and represent it to foreign countries.
  • The President of Brunant will take full control over Roseland's foreign policy and defence and will have the right to intervene in Roseland if necessary, but the people of Roseland will retain their autonomy over local administrative matters.
  • The Principality Government will be dissolved and all government powers will be transferred to a democratically-elected parish representative, who will be directly responsible to the Congress.



King Marten II of Brunant:


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