The Lovebird



Directed by

Paul Riesner

Produced by

Alexander Koopman (as Jan Veldman)

Written by

Harry Winslow


Anna Lindbergs, Alexander Neyt, Oscar Karmann

Music by

Anna Lindbergs, Martin Carlotti


Europa Films

Release date(s)


Running time

101 min.

Country Language

English, Dutch

The Lovebird (Dutch: De Liefdesvogel) is a 1969 Brunanter action-romance film. It is a re-imagined version of the German Invasion of Brunant, set in the 1960s. An album with the film's music, The Lovebird, was released in 1969, co-written by Lindbergs and Carlotti.



In the late 1960s soldiers from warring Buytenland invade the peaceful nation of Carinia. Maria and Piet, two average citizens unhappy with the occupation join the local resistance movement. They do not meet; it is through a little bird that they communicate, sending messages, picture and later, love notes (hence the name). They are alsoinvolved in sabotage and resistance operations. But, Buytenlander Colonel Totenbringer is on their tails. He has killed many partisans and is after them too. One day, the lovebird is caught. They trace it back to Piet and Maria. They are later arrested and when they meet, they have a moment to kiss before they are sent to the firing squad.


The Lovebird was extremely well received upon its release. It became the highest-grossing film of the year and the third-highest of the decade. Critics praised it for being a deep and passionate romance film and not some bad (and weak) teary-eyed attempt at one.

The Last Temptress Edit

Just one year later genre film-maker Herbert S. Hosen reunited Riesner with Lindbergs, Neyt and Karmann in the action-drama The Last Temptress, a blatant attempt at repeating the success of The Lovebird. However, the movie was a commercial and critical disaster, and is considered one of the worst Brunanter films ever made.

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