The Inside Job 2012

Film poster

The Inside Job is a 2012 Brunanter-Lovian thriller based on the 2011 White Sands Robbery in Lovia, produced by Europa Films, together with Transbaum Films.


On April 10, 2011 several thieves broke into the White Sands Casino-Resort in Adoha, Lovia and made off with over $54,160,000 in marked US bills. This was the single-largest robbery in the whole country and one of the largest in North America.



Charlie and Winston are two security guards who have been fired from their jobs at the White Sands. On top of that, they have been swindled of all their savings by the casino owner, Lucian Robertson. They devise a plan to infiltrate the casino from the inside, using sexy barista Carla and the new security chief, "Fatso" Jordans. Against all odds, they manage to reroute the security and get in on the busiest, when the coffers are at their fullest.

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