The Icy Living Dead
The Icy Living Dead poster


Science-fiction, horror

Directed by

Herbert S. Hosen

Produced by

Herbert S. Hosen

Written by

Herbert S. Hosen


Adrian Coleman, Susy Williams, Carl Stopanek, Antonie Breck, Paul Perkins

Music by

Harold Sullivan


Liberal Arts logo

Release date(s)


Running time

95 min.

Country, language


The Icy Living Dead (aka Frozen Alive!, Dutch: IJszombies[1]) is a Brunanter science-fiction horror film about a Nazi scientist's plans to revive a number of frozen Nazi leaders, written, produced and directed by Herbert S. Hosen in 1966, and released by Liberal Arts that same year. It stars Adrian Coleman as a Brunanter doctor, Susy Williams as his voluptuous, foxy assistant, and Carl Stopanek as Nazi scientist Dr. Krankeist.

This is the second of three sci-fi horror movies Hosen did about Nazis, together with They Came From Outer Space! (1961) and Conquest of the Core Dwellers (1971).

Cast Edit

Home media releases Edit

Its latest release on home media was on November 9, 2008, when Parker Home Video, a subsidiary of Liberal Arts, released it in its new series of Horror Double Features DVDs with Bus 99 (aka Killer Bus), shot back to back with The Icy Living Dead by Hosen.

References and notes Edit

  1. The Dutch title IJszombies means 'ice zombies' in English.

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