Cooltext506076141 2/10/2011- Firearms: A Right or an Abomination? Eric Peitersson, Chairman of the Front For Freedom One often questions the existance of firearms. If you observe the political currents, one sees that firearms ownership is the metaphorical centerpiece of political argument. It wraps up rights, freedoms, the power of the government, the power of the individual, and simple liberty into a unified yet many-faceted debate. This article is purely an opinion piece by a rather pro-self-defense politician, so I will leave it to you to decide what to do concerning this important and divisive issue.

A gun is a tool, an object. It feels no passion and has no hate. It has no opinion and could not speak its mind even if it possessed one. It cannot operate without a human hand. The presence of a gun in the home of a law-abiding individual does not compel said law-biding individual to do harm to another individual anymore than the presence of a bar of soap would. It is irrational to think that an object such as a firearm has that much power over a human being's mind.

That being said, there are many citizens of Brunant who feel that guns should be banned simply because because they injure, maim, and kill people. I find it odd that these people decline to ban cars, planes, trains, boats, kitchen knives, sewing needles, and stairs, as, by their logic, they injure, maim, and kill people every year as well. Furthermore, killing will not stop when guns are banned. The Dark Ages were not times of peace, if I remember my high school history correctly. Frankly, if someone wishes to kill someone, then the lack of firearms will not do anything to dissuade them. The Mafia will continue to operate, as will the Yakuza, the Triads, the cartels, and the street gangs. The presence of a paticular item does not mean that that a crime will be committed.

Also, weaponry is not conducive to rebellion or acts of sedition. Rebellion most often comes about when a government tries to take away the individual's means of defense, not when government garuntees that freedom.