The Beginning
Season 1, Episode 1
Air date August 26, 1999
Written by Per Van Eindhoven
Directed by Winston Walton
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Difficult Times

The Beginning is the first episode of the TV series Resistance. It aired on August 26, 1999.


The episode tells the experiences of Marta and Louis at the begin of the invasion. They are a bit confused about it


It all starts in the palace Chamber of Marta and Louis. Marta is busy talking to the palace butler. The palace butler suddenly hears man coming. It is the King. who announces that Germans have come. He asks his servants Louis and Marta to set up a organization to stop them. Louis agrees, but Marta is afraid that she will be killed. The king tries to convince Marta to be calm. But she runs away. She is confused. She does not hear any gernan or see any soldiers. But then Louis comes outside and tells the that the soldiers are in disguise and have been taught English and Dutch. Marta is now even more afraid. Louis then tells Marta that the soldiers always have the same type clothing on. Usually sweaters or white jackets. Sometimes they forget that they must be not spotted and then they chant in german. Louis also tells the mission they got from the king would be to destroy every nazi thing they see. To be completed

Trivia and goofsEdit

  • Originally Marta and Louis would vegin a love relation at the beginning, The idea was scrapped 4 months before the series started. It was decided the love relation would be already there instead of starting in this episode.

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