Palace of the Supreme Court

Palace of the Supreme Court

The Supreme Court (Dutch: Hooggerechtshof) is the highest court in Brunant. It has unquestioned jurisdiction over all city and parish courts. The current President is Filipo Mestre. It is based in the Palace of the Supreme Court in Koningstad Centrum.


Under King Leuvis II Royal Courts were set up to administer the law, but these were mainly to be able to charge people who had not paid taxes or were rebelling against the government. It was only until the Constitution of 1802 that it prescribed for "a supreme national court free from royal& political interfearance with the task of measuring and enforcing the law" [sic]. The first court was set up within the Congress building while the Supreme court building was in construction. When it was completed in 1813 the court moved there.



The President of the Court is the judge that presides over the court. They are appointed by the Queen, in consultation with the government and may serve in that role until they turn 75. There are no set requirements for judicial candidates, but they must be "knowledgeable in the laws of the nation"[1] and "compl[y] with what is prescribed in the Constitution"[2].

List of PresidentsEdit

Two Presidents and a Prime Minister have served as Presidents.

  1. James Golding (1802-1809)
  2. Andreas Janszoon (1809-1820)
  3. Michael Reading (1820-1825)
  4. Hans Fechienstad (1825-1832)
  5. Adriaan Westermann (1832-1841)
  6. Johannes von Krupski (1841-1854)
  7. Bert van Grunbeck (1854-1865)
  8. Anthony Groesner (1865-1876)
  9. Joseph Greene (1876-1882)
  10. Louis Lemay (1882-1900)
  11. Alexander Hofmann (1900-1907)
  12. Bert Halsand (1907-1914)
  13. Joseph Hertz (1914-1918)
  14. Pieter Lemay (1918-1931)
  15. Michael Philips (1931-1937)
  16. Johannes Neyt (1937-1941, 1945-1948)
  17. Christine Sneijder (1948-1958)
  18. Andrew Kirkley (1958-1961)
  19. Andrew Morris (1961-1976)
  20. Alexandra Cunningham (1976-1984)
  21. Therese Fransen (1984-1997)
  22. Hilda Brunnemeyer (1997-2001)
  23. Albert Wilson (2001-2006)
  24. Sophie Velmond (2006-2010)
  25. Filipo Mestre (2010-date)


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