Steven A. Dort
20th President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Andrew Kirkley
Succeded by Eugen Sherman

Steven Alexander Dort (1911-1983) was a Brunanter politician and President.


Early life and familyEdit

He was born in Cape Cross to a rich and influential couple that owed a jewellery store. His father, Alexander (1883-1928), had served as mayor of Cape Cross from 1917-1921 and again in 1928, briefly before his death. His two older brothers went on to become senators for Cape Cross Parish in the 1950s and early 1960s. His sister, Alexandra (1912-1973) served in House of Representatives from 1961-1973.

Young Steven was sent to the Cape Cross Military Institute in 1930 by his mother, but he dropped out in 1933 due to the extreme physical requirements.

Steven became president after winning the 1969 Presidential Elections. He was in power from 1969-1975.

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