National Monuments Trust This is a National Monument of Brunant and as such may not be modified or dismantled. National Monuments Trust
St. Nicholas Church
St. nicholas church
Location Brezonde, Cape Cross Parish
Type Mixed (2)
Selected 1921

The St. Nicholas Church is an old church in Brezonde and the oldest in Brunant. It was built by the Byzantines in 760 AD. During Muslim rule in Brunant, the church was disused and was closed. When the Aragonese conquered the islands, they fixed and reopened the church. Between 1232 and the late 17th century, the church was used as the cathedral of the Diocese of Brezonde. The church was in use until 1773, when a fire damaged parts of it. The building was so old that it was decided not to use it again. It was abandoned and the church became run down and was in a terrible shape. Since it became a National Monument in 1921, it has been in exhaustive and continual repair, inside and out.

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