The spatolas arived in brunant by bvoat

the Spatola's arived in Brunant by boat in 1901.

The Spatola family is a Italian-Brunant political family. The family was started in here when ancestor Marcello Spatola (1872-1933), a baker, moved to Grijzestad in 1901.

The first generationEdit

Marcello had two sons, Mario Spatola (1895-1966) and Luigi Spatola (1900-1943). Mario became a doctor at the Grijzestad University and Luigi went into the illegal liquor business when prohibition was started in the United States. He worked at a place where the shipped the famous Sandler's alcohol. When the German Invasion happened, Mario left the country so that he would not become a doctor that collaborated with the German's. Luigi continued with his liquor business, shipping it illegally without the Germans knowing it. In 1943 he was eventually caught and he was shot.

Second GenerationEdit

Mario had three daughters Maria (1926-1990), Gina (1929-1984) and Carola (1931-1941). Carola was killed when the German's attacked Grijzestad in 1941, and the other girl's left with their father to go to United States.

Luigi had 2 sons and 2 daughters. Ludovico (1925-1972), Philippe (born 1927), Anna (1930-1978). His other daughter Giovanna (1935-2001) was had with another woman. Ludovico was involved in smuggling Sherry to United States and Europe. In 1959-1963 he was mayor of Grijzestad. In 1972 the police raid his warehouse and there was a firing and he was shot. Philippe also got in to politics and was a very corrupt Finance minister from 1962-1965.

Third generationEdit

Ludovico only had a son, Giovanni Spatola and a daughter Anna Spatola. He was involved with mafia and his father's business. He joined the CU Party and is now a government member. Philippe had six children who mostly left the country to go to USA. Anna did not marry and have any kids. Giovanna bought Royal Bank of Brunant in 1968. She became a big government critic in the 1970s of president Eugen Sherman. She was killed in the 1978 Koningstad Car Bomb Attack against her and opposition members. Sherman who resigned that year after police found he ordered the car bomb to be put.

Fourth generationEdit

Giovanni had 4 children, Mario (1985), Steffano (1987), Maria (1990) and Giovanna (1992).

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