Small Town Crooks: Music from the Original Series
Small Town Crooks Music from the Original Series
Album by Various artists
Released 2009
Recorded Various dates
Length 57:57
Label Lebal
Produced by Various producers
Philip Spring (exec. producer)
Small Town Crooks: Music from the Original Series
The Crooked Sessions

Small Town Crooks: Music from the Original Series is a soundtrack compilation album containing music from both seasons of the TV series Small Town Crooks. It was released in 2009.

The album prominently features two songs from English rock band Kasabian's third studio album, West Ryder Pauper Lunatic Asylum, released just a year before. Only two Brunanter bands are featured, namely The Towners (of Charles Town) and Haymaker (from Dortmund), who each created one song specially for the series. In 2010 The Towners and the music producer for the series, Martin Bristle, released an accompanying album called The Crooked Sessions.

'Tammy's Song' by Clyde Gary, from 1958, is the show's opening theme.

Track listing Edit

  1. 'Tami's Song' - Clyde Gary
  2. 'Hells Bells' - The Dandy Warhols (YouTube)
  3. 'The Stops' - Elbow (YouTube)
  4. 'Underdog' - Kasabian (YouTube)
  5. 'I Feel Free' - Cream (YouTube)
  6. 'Nay (They Say)' - The Towners
  7. 'Clear Blue Water' - Sub Sub (YouTube)
  8. 'Gravity Rides Everything' - Modest Mouse (YouTube)
  9. 'Fire' - Kasabian (YouTube)
  10. 'God's Away On Business' - Tom Waits (YouTube)
  11. 'Woke Up in the Evening' - Haymaker
  12. 'Ambition' - Doves (YouTube)
  13. 'Here Comes the Night' - Them (YouTube)
  14. 'Carpet Crawlers' - Genesis (YouTube)
  15. 'Look Away Lucifer' - Madrugada (YouTube)
  16. 'The Blood of Cuchulainn' - Mychael Danna and Jeff Danna (YouTube)

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