Bombed church grijzestad

Sint-Stefan Kerk is a 15th century church in Grijzestad. It is a monument and testament to Grijzestad's wars.


It was finished in 1453, work having begun after the construction of Grijzestad Cathedral. During the Battle of Grijzestad in 1941, the church was bombed by German artillery, as well as surrounding houses. After the war, the church was left as is, as a monument to commemorate Grijzestad's dead. The anchor placed near the main entrance is from the S.S. Koningin Caroline, who's sailors (killed in an air raid on May 22, 1941) were buried at the church cemetery. In recent years, the old structure has begun to crumble, and there are plans to repair it. It is also possible that it may become a National Monument.

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