Silvia Van Damme
S-van damme
22nd President of Brunant
In office


Preceded by Eugen Sherman
Succeded by Gerard Donner

Silvia Van Damme (1917-2012) was a former politician and a former president. She lived up to 95 years of age.


Van Damme was born in Donderstad to Dr. W.A. and Emma Van Damme. Silvia went to Grijzestad University in 1937, where she excelled in political science. She married businessman Gerald Conley in 1940, who turned out to be a mobster working with the Charles Town Mob. Silvia entered the employment of the Mayor of Grijzestad in 1948, first as his secretary and by 1955 occupying the post of Vice-Mayor. In 1962, the Montesini family had her husband killed for his connections. With her election as parish representative in 1963, she started a campaign to combat the mob and was successful for many years.

Political careerEdit

Van Damme entered the national political scene with her campaign for the presidency in 1974-75. In 1978, she was elected in a special election after Eugen Sherman resigned from office. Clearly the underdog, she managed to defeat such heavyweights as Henry Nielsen of the Whites. As the first female leader in Brunant, she did rather well but her government was plagued by the corruption of previous administrations. In 1984 she lost re-election to war hero Gerard Donner.

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