Siege of Grijzestad
Part of the Franco-Brunanter War

Date 18 March 1757-June 1758
Location Grijzestad, Chester Parish
Result Brunanter victory
Philip Eckstein Jean Colbert
4400 infantry,

20 guns
6000 infantry,
80 cavalry,
42 guns
Casualties and losses
900 dead
1200 wounded or missing
280 dead,
450 wounded or missing
Grijzestad castle

The citadel

The Siege of Grijzestad was a major engagement of the Franco-Brunanter War


The war had been raging for about one year and the French were making steady progress in Hogeberg Island.

The siegeEdit

1000 French soldiers were sent to subdue Grijzestad, which had a better and more accessible port than Grunbeck. This would prove to be a challenging task. The walled city was guarded by a large citadel on an overlooking hill. This would prove to be the longest conflict in the war. The first attack on Grijzestad failed and on March 18th the siege began. Excellent defenses (and few French artillery) led to the town walls being breached in late September, after 5000 more Frenchmen were committed. And even then, the port and the citadel were in Brunanter control and were still being resupplied. Bombards and other large cannons in the Castle constantly harassed the French, and occasional naval attacks caused casualties in their ranks. By 1758 the King's brother in law (Frederick II of Hesse-Kassel) had supplied over 5000 troops and around 1500 bolstered a Brunanter force of 900 sent to defeat the French at Grijzestad and relieve the troops defending the fortress. Only by June did this occur, after many troops from both sides died.

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