SD Bank is a Brunanter bank and the largest banking group in Brunant. They are headquartered in the SD Bank Building in Koningstad's Business District.


Standaard BankEdit

The Standaard Bank originated in 1426 as a banking house. Founding father Friedrich Detker (a banker who worked in Genoa) began loaning money to the leaders of the independence movement in Brunant, mostly to finance the military. Detker's became known as an honest moneylender (compared to Fredrick van der Haas). Ernst Detker (a descentand of his) reorganized the company in 1615 as the Grijzestadter Wisselbank and began accepting hard currency deposits (security) in exchange for small fees. After mergers with a few local banks, the company was renamed Standaard Bank in 1804.

Dartmouth BankEdit

Oldest SD bank branch in Koningstad

The oldest branch in Koningstad

The Dartmouth Bank was founded by various businessmen in 1812.

Merger and later historyEdit

1970 SD Bank charge card

1970 charge card, number 57

The bank's origins can be traced to 1933, when the Standaard Bank of Grijzestad and Dartmouth Bank of Koningstad merged to form SD Bank. The bank was bought by KCVD Group in 1952. SD Bank is the official sponsor of the 2011-12 First League.

In 1970 SD Bank became the first in Brunant to offer a card, the SD Bank charge card. A number of people initially signed up, but it would be many years before the general public and business owners took to credit cards.

SD Bank is a part-owner of Barle Bank in Juliana since 1988, currently controlling 38% of shares.


SD bank credit card

Credit card, 2006

A majority of the bank's shares (67%) are controlled by KCVD Group. The rest of the shares are publically traded and owned by various other investors.

Bank BranchesEdit

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