Boskerck the younger

Boskerck the younger, at right

Rudolf Boskerck the Younger (1394 in Rotterdam - 1441 in Grijzestad) was a Dutch-Brunanter soldier en merchant. He was also one of the founding fathers of Brunant.



Rudolf Boskerck the Younger was born in Rotterdam in 1394 as son of Rudolf Boskerck the Elder. His uncle was Frans Ackerman, one of the most famous Flemish statesmen in the 14th century. He followed his fathers footsteps and became a soldier in the mid 1410s. He was a guard outside the city together with his fater and he started trading and selling stuff which he took from the port where Scandinavian merchants met with Englishmen. He travelled with his father to Brunant sometime between 1418-1420.


He was involved in the Brunanter War of Independence, where he was injured. In 1427 he attended along with his father the Convention of Grijzestad in the City of Grijzestad and was a signatory of the Declaration of Independence.

Boskerck married local girl Sancha Navarra and had four children. He founded the settlement of Boskerk.

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