The royal residences are several castles, palaces and houses in Brunant, formerly or currently used by the Royal Family. Most of these residences are owned and administered by the government, though they are at the family's disposal. Most of the royal residences are National Monuments.

From 1955, the residences have been opened up for public visits and today, one can visit all of the residences.





The Realpaleis is the principal palace used by the Royal Family of Brunant. It was built from 1772-1791 in Koningstad. This serves as the king's working palace and as his home. It is also used to receive foreign dignitaries. Parts of it are opened as a museum throughout the year.

Grijzestad PalaceEdit


Grijzestad Palace

Grijzestad Palace is the old royal palace in Grijzestad, built in 1506. It served as the main residence from 1506-1784, until the Carrington era. Since then, it has been used as a summer retreat. This palace served as the primary home of King Anthony I, when he was Duke of Middleton. Most of it is opened up as a museum to the public; prior to 1900, it housed the royal art collection, which now forms the National Museum of Art in Koningstad.

Huis ten BergenEdit

Huis ten Bergen

Huis ten Bergen

Huis ten Bergen is the personal residence of the Van Draak family. Built in the 17th century, it has been owned by the Van Draak family since 1806 and it is currently occupied by the Prince Wilhelm and Princess Leonore and their children. Huis ten Bergen is occasionally used as a winter retreat. It is not open to the public, though people are able to tour the grounds and the gardens free of charge.

Former residencesEdit

Bitburg CastleEdit

Bitburg castle

Bitburg Castle

Bitburg Castle is an old medieval castle near Swantown. It was built in 1429-1443 and was a defensive home for the Royal family and it was used for that purpose during the Brunanter Civil War. Bitburg castle is no longer used (though the family may still use it if wanted). In 1955 it was opened to the public as a museum.

Koningsberg PalaceEdit


Koningsberg Palace

The Koningsberg Palace is a palace in Koningstad Centrum that currently serves as the meeting place of the Congress, both the House of Representatives and the Senate. It was built for King Marten I and the Royal Family used this as a retreat.

Leuvisberg CastleEdit

Leuvisberg Castle is a Renaissance-era castle near Vianna in Carrington Parish. It was built on the orders of King Leuvis II, but was sold in 1613 and serves as the home of the Count of Drenthe and his family since then.

Steenhuis ManorEdit


Steenhuis Manor

Steenhuis Manor was the original summer retreat of the king in Koningstad, but is neither owned by the government or the Van Draak family. James Stanton is the current owner of this large estate.

Visiting the palacesEdit

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All the palaces, except Huis ten Bergen, are open year-round. On select occasions, the Realpaleis may be closed, but all the others may be visited any time of year.

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