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The Mint Building in Koningstad

The Royal Mint (Dutch: Real Munt) is the place where the currency of Brunant is minted. It is located in Koningstad Centrum, Koningstad.


In GrijzestadEdit

A precursor to the mint was set up at Grijzestad Palace, where Crown coins were issued from the 1470s to 1503. The first true mint was established in 1537 and began to issue thaler coinage. This mint was in operation until 1786; by then a mint had been set up in Koningstad and was now operational.

In KoningstadEdit

The Koningstad mint was originally housed in the Realpaleis until being moved to the home of the British ambassador, which the government purchased in 1790. The building was expanded and now featured a courtyard in the middle. Here, they would issue copper, silver and gold pieces and then copper-nickel coins until 2002. That year the government began minting Brunant's euro coins.


In 2003, the mint set up a currency museum showcasing Brunant's currency as well as that of the world; a rapidly expanding collection led them to move their collection to the State Museum in 2007. In 2006, people were allowed to take a tour of the mint for €5 where they could see the process in making coins, as well as historical machines used to make them. At the end, one can visit the giftshop.