Roster vineyards

The vineyards

Rosters is a brand of Moscatel wine in Brunant. The wine is mostly consumed within Chester Parish.


It was founded in 1871 by Carl Emil Roster (1843-1905), a businessman and former mayor of Chester. Rosters' operations grew under his son Emil (1860-1944) and grandson Anders (1888-1957), but it never became one of the larger national brands. But, their wines were constantly rated am one the top five Moscatel's in the country by most food and wine reviewers since the 1960s. In 2009, the aging owner of Rosters, Martha Roster (1912-2010) sold the winery to Bernd Donia.


The Roster Vineyards is the vineyard in cental Chester Parish where they produce Rosters. This beautiful farm is often visited for tourist to go on wine tastings.

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