Rosetown COA
Historical facts
Alternate names The Jewel City, Narvas
Founded 1296
Patron Saint St. Andrews
Parish Roseland
Population 34,680
Mayor Giulio Conti (SDP)
Postal code 9500-9700

Rosetown is the capital and only formal settlement of Roseland Parish. The city is located on the northwest coast of Rose Island on the Mediterranean Sea, and has a population of 34,680 inhabitants (as of 2015).


Rosetown was founded in 1296 by Aragonese settlers as Narvas in 1296. It remained a small community, with only 5000 inhabitants by 1700. In the 1770s it came under the possession of the British. In 1911 it became the capital of the newly established Principality of Roseland. It was named after William Rose, who later became the first Sovereign Prince of Roseland. When the Principality of Roseland joined the Kingdom of Brunant, Rosetown became the newest town in Brunant.

Rosetown is one of the major industrial, and cultural centers in Brunant. It is also a popular tourist destination, known for its beautiful hilly surroundings and its warm subtropical coastlines and beaches. Rosetown has one of the highest quality of life in Brunant, and is one of the wealthiest municipalities in Europe, though certainly in Brunant. The Rosetown Sentinel is the newspaper in the city. The city is known for its many cultural events, including the Rosetown Film Festival.

Rosetown's countryside is especially known for its apples and orchards, with their fruit the best in Brunant.


The latest elections were held in 2016. Giulio Conti was elected mayor, repalcing Daniel Hopkins.

Rosetown Government
Party Seats
4 / 15
4 / 15
3 / 15
2 / 15
1 / 15
1 / 15


Rosetown is home to two football clubs, Aurora F.C., who currently play in the Second League and AFC Rosetown, who play in the Western League Division 1. Rosetown RLFC, a rugby league team that competes in the Brunanter Rugby League, is also based in Rosetown.


See the page Map colors for an explanation of what each color means.

FOR SALE FOR SALE *1 Gisbert College Twitz *2 FOR SALE FOR SALE
Giulio Conti Maxi
Rose Family Gallery Rose Family Museum Habermas Theater Rosetown Public Library
Biocert office Verona Coffee Henneman Family Palace WHR Academy
Prince William Street
Rosetown Zoo and Botanic Garden Rosetown Mall Central Park Rosetown Hospital
The Arts Center Rosetown Broadcasting Service
John Barker Primary School Nissel Valandre Witney Brewpub
Prince Charles Street
Rosetown Hotel Rosetown Church Rosetown Theme Park Rosetown Sports Complex SD Bank Rose Corporation
Rosetown Regional Airport Convention Center
Rosetown Beach
Mediterranean Sea
  • 1 - Prince Edward Street
  • 2 - Barker Street

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