Princess Rima

The Princess in 2008

Rima van Draak (born Rima Ghali, 2 June 1966) is a Brunanter Princess of Egyptian origin.


Early lifeEdit

Rima was born to Fathia Ghali (daughter of King Fuad I) and Riyad Ghali in California, where she grew up. She has three older sisters. Her parents divorced in 1973 and her father tragically killed her mother while drunk in 1976. Rima arrived in Brunant by chance, as she was accepted to the political science program at Grijzestad University before her other applications. She came to Brunant in 1984 and graduated with high marks in 1988. After a few years of working at a law office in Koningstad she got her citizenship and a job in the Brunanter government. In 1997 she joined the Brunanter delegation to the United Nations.


Rima met her future husband, Prince Hendrik, in 1999 at a dinner event in Koningstad. The couple announced their engagement in March 2000 and they were married on March 22, 2001. The couple would have two daughters:

  • Miranda Van Draak, born 10 August 2001
  • Nadia Van Draak, born 24 November 2005

Later careerEdit

The princess was selected to be Brunant's ambassador to the UN in 2008 and the family moved to New York. The coupe still return to Brunant to visit, and in her time here the princess helps out in various charities, often with Prince Berthold, another royal. It was announced in early 2011 that the princess plans to retire from her job by late March 2012.

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