Ramzi Karimi (born 23 May 1943) is a Brunanter politician of the political party ECO17 (and formerly the Green Party) and former mayor of the city of Koningstad. He is currently one of the oldest representatives in the House of Representatives.


Karimi was born in Koningstad to Egyptian parents who came after to Brunant after the First World War. His family was not very rich, but they managed and young Ramzi was one of the brightest in his class. He went to the Royal University of Koningstad, where he graduated in Law in 1968. Joining the Greens in the 1970s, he became one of the promoters of the green movement in Brunant. He is now a prominent politician representing the Middle-Eastern and North African minorities. In June 2011, he was elected Mayor of Koningstad, defeating his closest rival, Alan Thurmer.

One of Karimi's projects has been to introduce the Koningstad congestion tax in order to reduce traffic in the downtown area. Karimi was re-elected to the municipal government in 2015, but backed SDP candidate Karen House for mayor.

In March 2017, when the 2017 Green Party corruption scandal broke out, Karimi left the Green Party in protest of its leader Peter Wostor's corruption, and together with other disgruntled Green Party politicians formed a new party, ECO17.

Personal lifeEdit

Karimi married biologist Rima Elmasri-Hansen, a Brunanter of Lebanese-Norwegian origin, in 1976 and they have three children.

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