Queen sophie
Sophie of Mecklenburg-Schwerin (1862-1924) was the wife of King Pieter II and queen consort of Brunant.


Sophie was born in Schloss Ludwiglust to Grand Duke Friedrich Franz II of Mecklenburg-Schwerin and his first wife, Princess Augusta of Reuss-Köstritz. Her mother died less than a year after her birth. Sophie was well-educated by her parents and

In 1880 she was engaged to Prince Pieter, Duke of Middleton. She had his first child, the future Johan II. She had 4 other kids, Princess Caroline (1882), Prince Louis (1884) and Prince Hendrik (1886). In Brunant, the young queen learned Dutch and even spoke some English. The queen, though, only spoke to her children in German, which they spoke more than Dutch. When her husband died in 1913, she entered a period of mourning. Controversy arose in 1915 that when the government was going to send a small force to help combat the Germans, she openly opposed it, and many felt she still had deep loyalties to Germany above Brunant. The queen, on her partoften stated her abhorrence for war and would not support it.

In 1917, while visiting Spain, the queen was shot by an Italian anarchist. Though she did not die from her wounds, they helped deteriorate her health. Retiring to Huis ten Bergen in the mountains, she lived out the rest of her years in peace. In 1924 she fell and broke her hip and died a week later.

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