Wearing the dress by Robert Rand

Princess Lindsay, born Lindsay Mansell (Noble City, Lovia; 10 June, 1982) is the former Queen of Brunant and was a well-known and popular Lovian photo and fashion model and actress.


Early life and familyEdit

Lindsay was born in Noble City, Lovia, as the first daughter (the other is Cheryll Mansell) of two Lovian investors, but she has lived most of her entire life in the town of Sofasi. Her personal brand is her eyes, that are dark brown. Lindsay Mansell was active in the photography business since she turned 15. She received an order of an recognized Lovian photo bureau, Westling Photo, of which she still is an associate.

Personal life and marriageEdit

In 2006 it became known that Mansell was dating Crown Prince Anthony, and this caused a scandal among some of Brunant's conservatives. They had an on-and-off relationship, but in 2010, she moved into Grijzestad Palace with him. That year the Prince has proposed to her and they married on April 15, 2011. In August that year it was announced that she had become pregnant. In 2011 when king Marten II died, she and her husband became the monarchs. On April 13 Lindsay gave birth to a baby boy, Prince Nicholas. Her husband abdicated in late 2013 due to health issues. The couple currently live in Koningstad and lead a quiet life.

Royal Family of Brunant
Queen HelenePrince BerndPrincess MariannePrince Cristian
Queen's family: Anthony IPrincess LindsayPrince Nicholas

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