Ingrid v. draak

Princess Ingrid of Brunant (Ingrid Caroline Van Draak) was a Brunanter princess and fashion designer.


Princess Ingrid was born in Grijzestad Palace to Prince Eugen and Luisa de Bemposta in 1909. She went to law school in the Netherlands (1929), which was rare for women at the time, but dropped out after one semester. She ran away to Paris, where she became a model for a fashion company.

In 1933, she began designing her own clothes. Ingrid was romantically involved with a French painter until 1935. That year she returned to Brunant to make a living designing clothes and helped develop the famous perfume Agova Rosa. She married banker Alexander Kaufman in 1937 and had a daughter Elisabeth (1938). That year he died of lung cancer. Her parents set her up with a Swiss economist and they married in 1940, but by then she was already romantically involved with a younger man. Their marriage broke down and her returned to Switzerland after the war. In 1948 she married actor Henry Zielinski. They remained together until his death in 1973. Ingrid died in 1994.


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