Prince of Roseland
Coat of Arms of Aurora
Style His Serene Highness
The Prince of Rosetown
Inaugural holder Prince William (1911-1933)
Current holder Prince Gerhart (2012–)
Country Brunant
Ethnicity British, German-Austrian, Scandinavian

The Prince of Roseland is a hereditary title held by members of the Henneman family, one of the most prominent aristocratic families in Brunant that has ruled Roseland for over a century. The first holder of the title was Prince William, 1st Prince of Roseland (1861-1933), the founder of the Principality of Roseland and the patriarch of the Rose family. The current holder of the title is Gert Henneman, 5th Prince of Roseland.


When Roseland was founded in 1911, the newly-formed Parliament of Roseland (dissolved in 2011 due to Roseland's union with Brunant) chose a constitutional monarchy as the form of government.

The Parliament nominated Lord William H. Rose, the respected leader of the national establishment movement, as the first Prince of Roseland. Lord Rose was formally crowned as Prince William of Roseland and swore allegiance to the Constitution at the United Church of Roseland on 25 August 1911. Prince William and his royal descendants have ruled Roseland since then for over 100 years.

In 2011, the Principality of Roseland joined the Kingdom of Brunant, becoming its twelfth parish. According to the terms of the Treaty of Union, Roseland was to surrender its full sovereignty over to Congress and therefore, the Rose family was no longer the ruling dynasty of Roseland. The Rose family, however, was allowed to keep its title as the Prince/Princess of Roseland as an honorary title.

Because Prince Charles had no son, the title went to the spouse of his only daughter and the princedom passed on to the House of Henneman.


Rose Palace

The Rose Palace has served as the official residence for the family over the generations. It was built in the early 20th century and went through a large renovation in 1989.

The gardens surrounding the palace are one of the main attractions for the tourists visiting the palace every year. The gardens have been established in stages since the palace was built, resulting in different styles of parks and gardens.


The Prince and Princess of Roseland are styled His/Her Serene Highness.

The heir-apparent holds the title Duke/Duchess of Rosetown with the style of His/Her Grace.

The current heir-apparent is Lord Henrik Henneman, Duke of Rosetown.

List of Princes of RoselandEdit

Picture Monarch Life Reign Consort(s)
Prince William Prince William 1861-1933 1911-1933 Princess Julia (m. 1892)
Prince Edward Prince Edward 1894-1946 1933-1946 Princess Helene (m. 1919)
Prince George Prince George 1923-1991 1946-1991 Princess Jane (m. 1955)
Prince Charles Prince Charles 1957-2011 1991-2011 Princess Maria (m. 1989)
Henneman Prince Gerhart 1960– 2012– Princess Marta (m. 1987)
Princess Davina (m. 2012)

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