Prince hendrik 1913

Prince Hendrik in 1913

Hendrik Karl Wilhelm van Draak (1894-1956) was a Brunanter prince, soldier and resistance member.


Early lifeEdit

Prince Hendrik was born in Koningstad (at the Realpaleis) to King Pieter II and Queen Sophie of Brunant. He was their youngest son, born after Johan (1881), Caroline (1884), Louis (1888). Hendrik was educated in Eton College from 1907-1912.

Military careerEdit

In 1913 he joined the Royal Guard as an artillery commander. In 1916 he briefly served overseas in Belgium, but was forced back home after his sister's death in France that year. He continued serving in the royal guard, joining the Realmarine in 1920. He would command the naval forces until 1941, when the Germans invaded Brunant and took control of the navy.

Personal and later lifeEdit

Hendrik maria wedding

In 1926 he married Princess Maria Antonia (daughter of Robert of Parma) in Grijzestad. They had their first daughter in 1927, but later Maria had several miscarriages and a stillborn daughter, Augustina in 1929. He would have six children which survived infancy, including one son. He joined the Underground Revolution during WWII, using his connections with Europe to assist the counter-occupation movement. Hendrik died in 1955 and his wife survived him until 1971.


Name Life Notes
Princess Marie Caroline 1927-1990 Married Prince August of Hanover and had issue. August was the only son of Prince George William of Hanover.
Princess Augustina 1929 Stillborn.
Princess Christina 1931-1936 Died in infancy.
Princess Clara 1932-1980 Married Charles Hermite and had issue.
Princess Fernanda 1934-1988 Married Johan Andersen, had issue.
Prince Joseph born 1936 Married Sophia Kollberg
Princess Alexandra 1936-2001 Married Prince Anton of Schaumburg-Lippe.
Princess Helena 1939-1995 Did not marry.

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