Prince fabian 1879

Prince Fabian, 1880

Prince Fabian of Brunant (Fabian Philip van Draak, 1829-1881) was a Brunanter prince and a military commander.


Fabian was born in 1829 to King Cristian I and Queen Henrietta of Brunant and was their third child. Fabian joined the army in 1850. He became a colonel by 1868. In 1872 he ran in the election for representative in Cape Cross Parish as a conservative. He won it by a narrow margin and was re-elected in 1876. He lost in 1880, after which he returned to the army. During the Liberal Revolution in 1881, he commanded a brigade loyal to his brother, Johan I. When his brother fled the country, Fabian died "by his own sword".


Fabian married the Danish Duchess of Norburg, Elizabeth (1834-1907) in 1858 and had six children, all of whom outlived their parents. The family fled Brunant in 1881 and they adopted the Norburg surname. Most of his descendants live in Denmark, and a few are also found in Strasland.

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