The Prime Minister is the head of government in Brunant. The PM is the most powerful charge in Brunanter politics. The current PM is Peter Wostor.

The Prime Minister's salary is 107,000 € per year and is the highest-paid politician in Brunant.

List of Prime Ministers of BrunantEdit

Picture President Term in office Party Government Monarch
S-varne Stefanus Varne 1902-1904 Liberal Party LP
Pieter II cropped
Pieter II
John Watson John Watson 1904-1907 White Party WP
S-varne Stefanus Varne 1907-1908 Liberal Party LP
John Watson John Watson 1908 White Party WP
Willem Van Allen Willem Van Allen 1908-1911 Liberal Party LP
John Watson John Watson 1911-1913 White Party WP
Andrew Hewitt Andrew Hewitt 1913-1914 Liberal Party LP
Johan II cropped
Johan II
Joseph Hertz Joseph Hertz 1914 Liberal Party LP
Van Liesneck Mark van Liesneck 1914-1917 White Party WP
Johan Anderson Johan Anderson 1917-1920 White Party WP
Joseph Hertz Joseph Hertz 1920-1923 Liberal Party LP
M-dolmatoff Maarten Dolmatoff 1923-1924 Communist Front CF
Joseph Hertz Joseph Hertz 1924-1925 Liberal Party LP
M-dolmatoff Maarten Dolmatoff 1925-1927 Communist Front CF
Johan Anderson Johan Anderson 1927-1929 White Party WP
A. van der Ecke Augustus Van der Ecke 1929 Liberal Party LP
A. Reading Andrew Reading 1929-1931 White Party WP
A. van der Ecke Augustus Van der Ecke 1931-1933 Liberal Party LP
J-meier Johan Meier 1933-1934 White Party WP
A. van der Ecke Augustus Van der Ecke 1934-1936 Liberal Party LP
J-meier Johan Meier 1936-1939 White Party WP
100px Gerhard Pietersen 1939-1941, 1945-1949 Liberal Party LP-SDP
100px Alexander Bouras 1949-1953
Liberal Party LP-SDP
Bouras I
Bouras II
Warson election poster Henry Warson 1957-1961 Social Democratic Party SDP-LP
100px Stefan De Vries 1961-1965 Centre Democrats CD-CDU
Warson election poster Henry Warson 1965-1969
Social Democratic Party SDP-LP-SLP
Warson II
Warson III
Marten II cropped
Marten II
Pieter Stenman (1922-1998) Pieter Stenman 1973-1977 Christian Democratic Union CDU
Johanna Elteman Johanna Elteman 1977-1981 Social Democratic Party SDP-GP-SLP
Henry Jorgeson Henry Jorgeson 1981-1985 Christian Democratic Union CDU-FLP-CD
100px Anthony Milner 1985-1989 Social Democratic Party SDP-SLP-GP
Edward Willemont Edward Willemont 1989-1993
Free Liberal Party FLP-CDU-FFF
Henry Jorgeson Henry Jorgeson 1994-1998 Christian Democratic Union CDU-FLP-CD
Ines Michels Ines Michels 1998-2002
Social Democratic Party SDP-SLP-GP-CD
Michels I
Michels II
Frederic darnley Frederic Darnley 2005-2009 Christian Democratic Union CDU-FLP-FFF
Darnley Government
Robert Helms Robert Helms 2009-2012 Centre Democrats CD-SDP-GP
Helms Government
Anthony cropped
Anthony I
Peterwostor1 Peter Wostor 2012
Green Party GP-SDP
Wostor Government
Helene cropped
Van Buskirk election Pieter Van Buskirk 2017 Social Democrats Interim

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