Pretty Limited
Pretty Limited titlecard



Created by

Rene Anderson


Walter J. Lemthow

Opening theme

Paul Heftman





Seasons, episodes


Running time

30 minutes

Production company(s)

Original channel, run

December 5, 1978 - October 27, 1981

Pretty Limited was a sitcom on BRU-KON from December 5, 1978 to October 27, 1981. Only one episode was shown in Grijzestad. Due to low ratings and much negative reception no other episode was shown there. It was created by Rene Anderson.


The story is about a man who has nothing to do in his house. Everything is limited by his mother. His work is boring and his colleagues steal his projects and spy on him. His mother is a bit evil and is jealous of the Beatles. One day he philosophies about escaping his mother's limitations.


  • Julian Hill: The main character played by Walter J. Lemthow. Everything is limited by his mother. His work is boring and his colleagues steal his projects and spy on him. He is a bit wacky in his doings.
  • Hilda Hill-Holefiller: His mother, jealous of the Beatles and also too obsessed with her son. She tries to control every aspect of her sons life. She is a bit evil.
  • Rudy Hill: The father, played by Philip Rennet, who always smokes and doesn't care about his surroundings. He claims several false things, like being a top diplomat.
  • Hank Ruff: One of Julian's co-workers. He is the worst of them all, he has destroyed his work, scamming him to hire a bad irritating assistant and he spies on him at private locations. He, just like the other co-workers, debuted in the Season 1 episode 'Come on, Failure'.


  • Season 1: December 5, 1978 - April 24. 1979
  • Season 2: August 28, 1979 - January 22, 1980
  • Season 3: September 23, 1980 - February 24, 1981
  • Season 4: April 30 1981 - July 28, 1981
  • Season 5: September 15 1981 - October 27, 1981

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