President's standard

The President of Brunant was the acting Head of State of the country. According to the Constitution of 1802, the President was appointed by the monarch, but since 1851, has been elected by popular vote. The president acts like a "second house of government". He has the right to veto any laws passed by Congress, although that rarely happens. He may also propose and amend bills. The president is the second most important charge in the country, and is elected every six years. The office of president was abolished in 2014 following much government discussion into the matter and a popular referendum in the spring of 2014.

List of Presidents of BrunantEdit

Picture President Term in office Party/ideology Lifetime
Carrington-in-1787 James Carrington 1784-1802 conservative 1739-1802
D-j-carrington David James Carrington 1802-1809 conservative 1772-1821
W. van der ecke Walter van der Ecke 1809-1838 conservative 1759-1838
Neyt Hendrik Neyt 1838-1841 liberal 1778-1844
Von Krupski Alexander von Krupski 1841-1852 conservative 1795-1868
J van draak Jan Van Draak 1852-1858 liberal 1813-1877
Duithers Gerd Duithers 1858-1864 liberal 1803-1876
Van-buskirk Filip Van Buskirk 1864-1876 Liberal Party 1822-1905
Pieter Van Neyt Pieter Van Neyt 1876-1882 White Party 1828-1909
Van-buskirk Filip Van Buskirk 1882-1888 Liberal Party 1802-1905
Joseph Greene Joseph Greene 1888-1891 White Party 1832-1925
Pieter Van Neyt Pieter Van Neyt 1891-1903 White Party 1828-1909
W.b. adams Walter B. Adams 1903-1909 White Party


S-varne Stefanus Varne 1909-1922 Liberal Party 1853-1922
J-meier Johan Meier 1922-1928 White Party 1870-1939
M-dolmatoff Maarten Dolmatoff 1928-1934 Communist Front 1878-1940
W-darnant Willem Darnant 1934-1941, 1945-1951 Liberal Party 1879-1956
L-van eyck Leuvis Van Eyck 1951-1963 Liberal Party 1899-1979
A-kirkley Andrew Kirkley 1963-1969 CDU 1918-1977
Dort Steven Dort 1969-1975 CDU 1911-1983
E-sherman Eugen Sherman 1975-1978 White Party 1920-1981
S-van damme Silvia Van Damme 1978-1984 Free Liberal Party 1917-2012
Gerard donner Gerard Donner 1984-1990 Free Liberal Party 1920-2005
Marta Henneman Marta Henneman 1990-2002 SDP 1959-present
Henneman Gert Henneman 2002-2014 SDP 1960-present