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Posh... And Full of It is a structured reality television series on Channel 5. It focuses on the lives of several young and wealthy people living together in the posh Charleston Beach quarter of Koningstad. The show is likened to Georgie Shore (and Jersey Shore) as well as Made in Chelsea, though has a more Brunanter focus.

Posh is mostly shot in the upscale seaside quarter of Charleston Beach, though Koningstad and other cities are featured as well.

Posh debuted in the fall of 2013 to mixhed to negative reviews, but the show has acquired some popular following, much like Jersey Shore in the United States.


Image Cast member Age Bio Series
Sam Brantry Samantha Brantry 24 A part-time fashion model who studied at Kirkley College though lives off of her parents. 1-present
Marian Lane
Marian Lane 25 A former girlfriend of footballer Yousef Marzouk. Known for her love of shopping. 1-present
Sara Navarete
Sara Navarete 22 A Spanish upstart actress known for loving extreme guys and sports. 1-present
Giselle shea 2
Giselle Shea 25 A wealthy Lovian heiress to the Veloz Group, as well as a mildly successful singer, known for her partying. 1-present
Nate bridge
Nate Bridge 20 Wealthy heir to Victoria Grand Dame who is spending his fortune on booze and girls. 1-present
Ben lane
Ben Evans 26 A fashion model working for Valencia 1-present
Prince Alexander Lovia
Alex Noble 19 A rebellious and party-loving Lovian prince working as a musician 1-present