Pieter Van Neyt
Pieter Van Neyt
9th President of Brunant
Term 1876-1882
Predecessor Filip Van Buskirk
Successor Filip Van Buskirk
12th President of Brunant
Term 1891-1903
Predecessor Joseph Greene
Successor Walter B. Adams
Personal details
Born 25 September 1828, Grijzestad
Died 19 October 1909, Chester Valley
Political party White Party

Pieter Van Neyt, 10th Baron Neyt (25 September 1828 - 19 October 1909) was a Brunanter politician and a former President.


Van Neyt was born in 1828 to the ninth Baron Neyt and German countess Louisa Schiller. Van Neyt had a very excellent upbringing, and by the age of fifteen he already spoke Dutch, English, Latin and French. He studied law at Grijzestad University from 1847-1851, and worked at his uncle's law firm until 1854. He soon joined the Royal Guard, to be in the cavalry. In 1870, he was appointed Commander of the Cavalry, a post he would hold until 1874. That year, he joined the White Party and in 1876 he was appointed President and planned to work in the name of nationalism, honor and glory for Brunant. He served until 1882; during the Liberal Revolution, he opposed to Johan I's conservative policies and resigned. He took a back seat in politics after this, but was elected Mayor of Grijzestad in 1884, serving two terms. When Conservative president Joseph Greene was forced to resign over a scandal, Van Neyt returned to the political scene (quit as mayor) and was unanimously elected by his party to be leader. He was elected in 1891 and again in 1897. He retired in 1903 and was succeded as party leader and president by Walter B. Adams. Van Neyt retired to his estate in the Chester Valley, where he died in 1909.


In 1861, Van Neyt married Cecille Sneijder (of the Sneijder family) in a rather lavish ceremony in Donderstad. They would later have four daughters and one son:

His sister was Queen Charlotte of Libertas, wife of King Rubeus II of Libertas.

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