Pieter Van Buskirk
Pieter Van Buskirk
Name Pieter Van Buskirk
Full name Pieter Van Buskirk
Sex Male
Born Flag of Brunant Carrington, Brunant
27 March 1965
Partner Carina Nordin
Home Koningstad
Functions Politician
Languages Dutch, English, German
Religious stance Catholic
Political party Social Democrats

Pieter Van Buskirk (27 March 1965 in Carrington) is a Brunanter politician who is the chairman of the Social Democrats, and since 15 March 2017 has been the interim Prime Minister and External Affairs minister. He is distantly related to founding father Rudolf Boskerck the Elder, through his second son Maarten.

Biography Edit

Van Buskirk was born in Carrington to a very liberal family. From a young age, he joined the SDP and rose up the ranks to be an important figure in the 1990s. He was appointed External Affairs minister in 2002 by Ines Michels, a position which he held until 2005. In 2009 he was again appointed to the position by Robert Helms, holding it until the 2013 election.

In 2016 he announced his candidacy for leader of the SDP. Van Buskirk won the leadership over two rounds, ahead of Karen House with 59% of the vote.

2017 electionEdit

As a result of the 2017 Green Party corruption scandal, Van Buskirk terminated the coalition with the GP and Peter Wostor was forced to resign on 14 March. Van Buskirk was chosen as interim prime minister the next day, and also was chosen to head External Affairs on an interim basis.

Personal lifeEdit

Van Buskirk was married in 1988 and he has stated <<[he] was young and very naive>>, thus ending up in divorce a year later. He married again in 2010 to then-23 year old radio presenter Carina Nordin; she is of Swedish origin and presently works with Lucas FM.

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