Grizespock bottle

Philip Spock is the oldest existing winery in Brunant. Founded in 1587, it produces some of the best wine of the Chester Valley.


Philippus Andreas Spock, a Dutchman who came to Brunant from the Canary Islands. He grew Listán Negro grapes and later Moscatel grapes. The winery was commercialized in the 1620s and has since produced wines.


Grizespock {Gray Phantom) is the label used by Philip Spock for their wines. According to Spock's descendants, the house was haunted and the name was given to the wine when it was commercialized in the 1620s. Around 1700 the winery began producing Straw wine, a combination of Listan and moscatel grapes. This was a sweet wine enjoyed in desserts, but the low yields and labour-intensive production method means that they are quite expensive.


  • Straw wine
  • Moscatel

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