Oscar Karmann

Oscar Karmann (5 December 1912 - 7 December 1990) was a Brunanter stage, film and television actor. He was famous for playing the role of monsters and villains, thus earning him the nickname "King of Horror". With a career spanning over half a century, Karmann played in almost fifty movies and TV shows.


Karmann was born in Brunantstad to a family hailing from Plzen, Austria-Hungary. He began acting in the late 1930's on stage plays and in 1949 appeared in his first movie role in the minor film The Count.

By the 1950s he became a largely mainstream actor and was notable for leading and supporting roles in It Came From Planet 68 (1956), Monster Hospital, both the film (1963) and the TV series (1964-66), The Lovebird (1969), and Thaumaturge (1989).

Karmann died in 1990 from heart attack, just two days after his birthday.


Devil in Disguise

Gabriel Blanchard: Devil in Disguise, 1969

There was controvery attached to Karmann since it appears he collaborated with Nazis in during WWII. Many held a strong sentiment against him, even though his dealings with the Nazis were minimal.

Pop artist Gabriel Blanchard would later do a portrait of him entitled "Devil in Disguise". Karmann was not amused at this "mockery", but the painting was displayed at the Modern Art Gallery of Grijzestad quite successfully and was later sold for Th. 100,000.

Personal lifeEdit

Karmann was never married though he was linked to various prominent women in his time. He had two daughters with a sales clerk from Angora, both of which live in France.

Selected filmographyEdit

Year(s) Title Role Notes
1949 The Count Boudewijn Film debut
1952 The Dark Alley Edwin One of the few leading hero roles of Karmann
1954 Flaming Arrows Johannes
The Open Gate Dark King
1956 It Came From Planet 68 Lead Alien Karmann's first work with Herbert S. Hosen
1957 Fatal Hour Elbert van Galen
1959 Tragic Day Mr. Sweers
Betrayed Cornelis van Nes
The Smoker Shlomo
1960 The Zombies From Planet 68 Lead Zombie
1963 Monster Hospital Dr. Frank N. Stein Karmann's first comedy film
1964-66 Monster Hospital Dr. Frank N. Stein TV series
1965 Septimus: The Invincible Swordsman Sextus Julius Sabinus Karmann's first film with Paul Riesner
1969 The Lovebird Colonel Totenbringer
1970 The Last Temptress President Nero
The Ingrate Cecil Harron
1972 Full Moon Massacre Jacobus Morto
1981 V for Vengeance Dr. Pervers
1989 Thaumaturge Skelan, Duke of Torild-Honess Karmann's last film

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