Order of the Dragon
Order of the dragon
Awarded by Flag of Brunant Brunant
Type Order
Status Active
Next (higher) None
Next (lower) Order of St. Andrew

The Order of the Dragon (Dutch: Orde van de Draak), named after the Van Draak family is a chivalrous order founded by King Willem I in 1602. The monarch of Brunant is the head of the order, but until 2015, he or she was not a recipient, unique for such an order.

The Order of the Dragon is often bestowed upon foreign royalty and politicians who have done a great service to Brunant, their country or the world. It may be also awarded to people who have contributed to the arts, science or sport; it has been awarded for these contributions since 1988. Very rarely is the order bestowed upon Brunanters, with the first such awarding in 2000.

Notable recipientsEdit


Grand commandantEdit

  • King Albert II of Belgium
  • Queen Elizabeth II
  • King Juan Carlos of Spain
  • Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands
  • King Harald V or Norway
  • King Carl Gustav of Sweden
  • King Oscar III of Strasland
  • King Jean-Louis II of Cettatie
  • King Edward I of Kemburg
  • King Hendrik I of Libertas

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